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Using the Eclipse Update Manager   

JasperWave Report Designer update site:

Using the Update Manager is the preferred way of installing the JasperWave Report Designer for Eclipse.
To install JasperWave Report Designer in the Eclipse IDE:

    •  Help > Install New Software
    • Paste the update site URL into the field "Work with"
    • Choose the component "Business Intelligence, Reporting Tools > JasperWave Report Designer"
    • Eclipse will then check to see if there are any issues which would prevent a successful installation
    • Agree to the terms of the license agreement
    • Eclipse will then download and install the necessary components
    • Once the installation process is finished, we strongly recommend that you restart your IDE

Standalone application ( RCP )

RCP version of the JasperWave Report Designer for Windows, Linux, MacOS. This is usually the easiest way to get started quickly with JasperWave Report Designer.

All-in-One package 

JasperWave Report Designer all-in-one package including Eclipse Platform SDK and GEF+Draw2D SDK:


32 bit:
64 bit:

Manual installation of plugins   

JasperWave Report Designer plugins:

The Eclipse platform ships with a default watched directory called dropins. The dropins folder is configured to be scanned during startup, and for changes to be immediately applied to the running system. Thus the dropins folder can be used much like the plugins directory was used in the past. For more details, see Equinox/p2/Getting Started

Just extract the archive content into dropins folder and restart Eclipse. Eclipse should detect the new plugin and install it for you. 

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