Customisation of JasperWave Report Designer

New data connector

If your data source is not supported by default, we can develop any kind of Data Connector including Setup Wizard, Visual Data Explorer, Report Executor. Data Connector might be added as a standard Data Source or as a plug-in without necessity of any interactive settings. Any existing Data Source can be modified for your specific needs as well.

Non-standard report storage ( CMS, CRM, Cloud )

Report template might be stored anywhere - CMS, CRM, Cloud.The architecture of JasperWave allows to add support of any Storage - we develop and add required support, report developer uses new storage as a local one. No need to download templates locally and then upload modified versions back. No overheads, less mistakes, better performance.

New report component

if your reporting requires special elements which are not supported by default, we can develop any component which you need - specific table, cross-table, Google map, QR code, JS/Flash chart, etc. Development of a new component includes: wizard, graphical presentation, visual properties and preferences.

Personal set of features

If you don't use all the functions available in JasperWave and would like to have custom edition of designer, we can create a such version of JasperWave for you by removing or modifying the components like - views, wizards, report components, data sources, storages, properties, preferences, etc. Finally, you will have exact number of functions and predefined flows which can significantly simplify the process of report development for your organisation

Custom Software Development

Cross-platform desktop applications - Eclipse RCP

If you business requires a custom software for desktop, we can design and develop a such application using Eclipse RCP platform. The key features of Eclipse RCP applications are:

  • Multi platform support - Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Native appearance (loo and feel)
  • Built-in self update mechanism
  • Ability to use any existing third extensions available on the market
Examples of open source and commercial RCP applications: Commercial Rich client platform (RCP) applications>

Eclipse plug-ins

Having wide and strong experience in Eclipse development field, we can develop an Eclipse plug-in of any kind complexity.
Areas of expertise: OSGi, PDE, JDT, GEF, SWT/ JFace.

Java / J2EE / Web applications

  • Web application development
  • Development of multi-tier enterprise applications with PaaS deployment support
  • Legacy migration / re-engineering of applications to the Java platform
  • Development of rich-GUI desktop and RIA web applications

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